PeyoteScallopWe have nearly as many different beading classes as we have different bead colors, sizes, and styles!  Necklaces, bracelets, weaving, stringing… the options go on and on.

Click on a class title for a more detailed description, and check our EVENTS calendar for our class schedule.

Beading classes can also be selected for our Crafting A-La-Carte.


3 Bead Tubular Net

3-Strand Pearl Bracelet

A Riveting Experience

Bamboo Bracelet

Bangle With Right Angle

Basic Crystal Earrings

Beaded Flower Bead

Beaded Ornament Cover

Beaded Pendants

Beaded Pins

Beaded Spring Pendant

Beaded Zipper Pull

Beading Basics -4 classes to choose from

Chain Bracelet

Chain Maille Bracelet

Chandelier Pendant

Charmed Necklace

Charmed Segments

Cold Forged Sterling

Copper Chain Bracelet and Earrings

Copper Chain Necklace

Copper Knot Rings

Crystal Chain Earrings

Crystal Fringe Necklace

Crystal Pendants

Cubed Bracelet

Delicate Crystal Band

Double Chain Bracelet

Duo Lentil Wrap Bracelet


Faux Tennis Bracelet

Flat Spiral Bracelet

Freeform Copper Pendant

Freeform Peyote Bracelet

Freeform Peyote Pendant

Frosty Bracelet


Get Connected

Good Deeds or Prayer Beads

Herringbone Bracelet

Herringbone Bracelet with Triangles

Herringbone Collar

Herringbone Ring

Herringbone Twist

Herringbone Wire Bracelet

Hex Bead Collar

Holiday Beaded Pins

Holiday ‘Bling’ Bracelet

Holiday Crystal Bracelet

Holiday Cuff

Hopscotch Bracelet

Jar Candle Jewelry

Koi Pendant

Kumihimo Braid Bracelet

Lattice Bracelet

Lattice Necklace

Little Linda’s Bracelet

Lizard’s Back Bracelet

Love Bracelet

Metal Pin

Mother’s Bracelet

Multi Strand Mania

Multi-Strand Necklace

Netted Fringe Necklace

New Style Mother’s Bracelet

New Tassel Necklace

Open Studio Beading

Peggy’s Wire Wreath Bracelet

Peyote Cuff

Peyote Ripple Bracelet

Peyote Scallop

Peyote Star Necklace

Peyote Star Pendant

Retro Series – Flat Peyote

Retro Series – Flat Herringbone

Retro Series – Flat Netting Stitch

Retro Series – Tubular Herringbone

Retro Series – Tubular Peyote

Right Angle Crystal Cluster

Ripples Bracelet

Rivoli Pendant

Russian Spiral

Semi-Precious Focal Necklace

Simple Silver Wire Pendant

Snake Bracelet


Spiral Rope Basics

Spiral Rope Bracelet

Spring Garden Bracelet

Spring Travel Necklace

Square Wire Ring and Bracelet

St. Petersburg Chain

Starting Tubular Bead Crochet

Sterling Illusion Necklace

Stone and Chain Bracelet

Stone Chain Necklace

Swarovski Cross

Swarovski Crystal Cluster Bracelet

Swarovski Crystal Rings

Textured Peyote Bracelet

The Tuscany Bracelet

The Tuscany Necklace

Three Bead Net Bracelet

Tila Bead Necklace

Tweed Bracelet

Twin Spiral Bracelet

Two Swarovski Crystal Rings

Viking Braid

Wire and Bead Cuff

Wire Mesh Necklace

Wire Wrap Bracelet

Wire Wrapped Rings

Wire Wrapping Basics

Wired Dragonfly

Woven Bead Slide

Woven Bracelet with Stone Focal

Woven Pendant with Flat Focal Bead

Wrap Bracelet